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Freely be who you were created to be!

This is Pink Diamond Butterfly

Pink Diamond Butterfly, the website, was created in 2012, but began as a Word from God in 2009. You see, at that time I had done the "back-slide", you know that dance you do when you're "steppin" with Christ, but then you slide back a little. During the course of that dance, hopelessness, hurt, depression, fear and self destruction were a part of my daily uniform..(it's what happens when you fall back into that "life"). My God was not about to give up on me though. I think He had enough, and wanted His daughter to know just how precious, strong, and beautiful I was, and that no relationship that was not Godly, or any lie I believed was worth it.


In April 2013, Pink Diamond Butterfly became an LLC.  I had this dream of an idea, to not only build a brand, but a business rooted in faith that all things are possible with God; a business that strives to serve with joy and gladness offering the best customer service and/or products that we are capable of providing; a business that desires to set a standard of mutual respect and a commitment to quality vs. quantity.......You know, I believe God has purposed me to make my "dream of an idea" a reality. I believe He created me to step out of the box. He has allowed me to go through trials that shaped me into the woman He needs me to be in order to use me. I love to create, I have a desire to give and I believe with "PDB" I will be in a position to do both. When I truly allowed myself to be set free, it opened my eyes to a world of possibility and since God is for me, nothing can stand against me, and nothing is going to stop me.............and it won't stop you either!!                                                                                      

               Be free to dream beyond the sky, you are a Pink Diamond Butterfly!

                                                                                                                   Denise N. Elliott                                                                                  




      Pink Butterfly Errand Service

Let us take care of the errands you can't do, don't have time to do, or simply rather not do! Value your time, let us stand in line.

Testimonies of Victory!.

Pink Diamond Butterfly desires to see girls and women(especially single moms), transformed by a relationship with Christ; set free from believing the lies that they are not good enough, that their mistakes matter; that their sins are to great; that they have to settle for less or that they can never see their dreams come to pass. Together we can inspire each other to realize that the pressures we face, will cause us to become stronger than we could ever imagine, and even with flaws we are beautiful; especially since we are made in His image!We want you free to fly into the mighty purpose God has for you! Pink Diamond Butterfly is proof that God turns our trials and pains around and uses them for a mighty purpose. It's proof that He is love and forgiveness. It is proof that He uses the little broken person with issues to do Big things! And when you give in to Christ, you would be amazed at what happens. Let me tell you why :)

Videos to uplift!


Blog and Pink Butterfly Errand Service


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