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Freedom Neva' Looked so good!!

I give honor to the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ, the only man that loves me..FOR ME! Ladies, relax and let yo hair down :)...Let me talk to you.  


After 18 years of marriage and four years of divorce, I thought I was free to move forward. What I failed to realize, was everyone was free, but me!  I was holding on to a man that had already let me go four years ago.  So sad!! Making things worse, although I felt I was doing the right thing, I would pack up and move from state to state everytime the going got rough. When my trials hit, I packed up and ran, thinking that was my way escape from my troubles. I didn't have a clue at the time, but God was going to bring me right back "home".



There is Life After Divorce!

In January 2013, my mom's health began to decline. God was calling me back to VA. Now remember, I had been running from state to state.  I lost everything running fast but going NOWHERE!  God had His hands on me though.  I came back home with nothing more than two suitcases and no place to live. Now pay attention to these two words, they are so powerful....BUT GOD!  He had a plan for me, but it was not going to be easy. 


I moved in with an old classmate and her husband.  I quickly had thoughts that it was one of the worst mistakes I could have ever made.  There were all kinds of unGodly things goin' on, but God "kept me" through them all. If you don't know this, let me share it with you, WHEN YOU MAKE A DECISION TO STAND FOR GOD, YOU MAY LOSE YOUR "FRIENDS" be ready. Those two suitcases I came home with, well they got thrown down the stairs, and I was asked to Get Out! Funny thing is, I just said....OK! (remember... But God!) I Thank God for mothers, natural and spiritual, always there when you need them. I moved in with a spiritual mother and this whole situation brought me closer to my real mom, giving us three of the best months together, before the storm was about to come in. My hours were cut at work, and this was the beginning.  I received a call from my son in a panic....MOMMY!!! He was devastated to see his grandmother not responding to him, she was his world. Shortly after, God moved me into the very apartment that I was thrown out of.  GOD IS SO GOOD IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS.  But 30 days after moving in, my hours were cut again, this time drastically. How about one day on the schedule??!! So here I am, new place, but now can't afford the bills. I was faced with losing the place I was already put out of before. And on top of that, my mom died during this time. I gave up all hope and faith. Now if you remember my earlier words, this would have been about the time when I would have packed up those two suitcases and ran again. But my family stepped in and they prayed for me or else I would not be able to give God all the Glory! I had one day on the schedule barely not able to make ends meet, now I am working five days a week at two jobs!  I am full of joy and praise. All that I lost, God restored one hundred one year! Now tell somebody God is good!

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